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The companies below are a few of the best-known online services that offer consumers a free credit score option. The free score is generally part of a trial period for a credit report access and monitoring plan. If you are planning on trying to repair and rebuild your credit, having unlimited access to your personal credit report, current score and history is a necessity.
Offers a handy merged credit report from all three reporting bureaus. They offer superior, consumer friendly, toll-free customer service, useful financial content on a wide range of credit topics, and industry affiliations with the Bettter Business Bureau and For US customers only. Find out what's in your credit report today.

TrueCredit can provide you with easy access to online viewing of your credit report information, including an analysis of the report's content.

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Having trouble finding a decent credit card with your current credit report? Try They will provide you with a list of several good cards to pick from.