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Your credit report impacts many aspects of your life including getting credit, landing a job, renting an apartment and getting cheaper insurance. Unfortunately, millions of Americans have negative, inaccurate and unverifiable information on their credit report.

You can inspect, monitor and work to correct or improve your credit report at each of the credit bureaus.

The credit repair services listed here provide you with services such as access to your credit report, monitoring of your credit status or working with the three credit bureaus on your behalf.

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Lexington Law Credit Repair offers a service that checks, reviews and verifies items on your credit report. Then, working with you, they act to remove inaccurate, outdated, misleading and unverifiable items.

TrueCredit provides popular online tools to help people watch and protect their credit record. Their ID Fraud-Watch offers consumers a comprehensive credit management package including quarterly credit report updates, trending reports, identity theft insurance and credit alert emails.

Should you attempt to repair your credit report yourself or hire a professional? Read more about the steps you can take to improve your score.

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